10 New Species That Have Been Named After Pop-Culture Icons

Nearly 99% of all things that have ever existed are now extinct. This is because nature is a gargantuan life form that is constantly evolving around us in order to ensure its own survival. We continue to find new and exciting species of plants and animals on a daily basis, just as we lose several species everyday, forever. The naming process of newly discovered species can be quite fascinating, and recently it has been noticed that people have begun to name new species after famous pop-culture icons. Here is a list of 10 new species that have been named after people and fictional characters from pop-culture.

Eoperipatus Totoros

A recently discovered Velvet worm had scientists so entranced by its adorable shape and physique, that they decided to name it after the Catbus from the famous Japanese film ‘My Neighbor Totoro’.

Euglossa Bazinga

A Brazilian orchid bee, discovered by Brazilian biologist Andre Nemesio, has been named Euglossa Bazinga, in honor of The Big Bang Theory’s most popular character, Sheldon Cooper. ‘Bazinga’ happens to be Sheldon’s catchphrase!