10 Nations That Won’t Exist In The Next Century


Palestine isn’t recognized by most of the top powers of the world as a nation. However, more than two thirds of the UN’s member states do and it has a seat in the UN. The Palestinian government has little to no control over its country and it is often a subject of terror that comes from it’s neighbor-state, Israel. It does have its recognized borders, a standing (if small) army, and a self-contained economy. What is worrying is that the economy is so weak Palestine is the smallest kid in the bad neighborhood that is Middle East. When we take into consideration Israel’s hostility and significant instability among the Arabic states close at hand, Palestine’s governmental problems and weakness will probably result in Palestine becoming a failed state.

South Sudan

Formed in 2011, South Sudan is the newest nation in the world, but it’s also probably going to stop being one very soon in the future. The only time when the nation of South Sudan was able to get an agreement going on was when a referendum for independence from Sudan passed with nearly 99% of the vote. After that, the fate of the country is decided in between constant fighting when it comes to its border and economic and political relationship with its neighbor Sudan. On top of all of that, almost the whole state is suffering from tribal conflicts and a very serious civil war. It is estimated the country won’t survive the next ten years.