10 Legitimate Reasons To Keep You Up At Night

The world is an incredibly weird and shocking place already, and many of us have trouble falling asleep as it is. However, there are plenty of reasons out there that are fully legitimate for being unable to close our eyes and pass out. For example, the United States government has a contingency plan in place for if the end of the world happens, or the fact that Iran arrested a group of park squirrels for spying. In any case, these items are so incredible that it is nearly impossible to believe. But, trust us, they truly happened.

Zombie Apocalypse

The United States government, namely the Pentagon, have a plan in place to combat a zombie apocalypse. This plan is called CONOP 8888, and will be put into effect should the undead ever rise and attack the living.

Squirrel Spies

In 2007, the country of Iran decided to arrest 14 different park squirrels after they thought the group of animals were spying on the country for someone else.