10 Interesting Ways To Use Onions

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Onions, you either love them or you hate them. We are all very familiar with the different ways to cook and consume onions in our every day lives. Many people grill, sauté onions or they just flat out eat them raw. Aside from the obvious ways to use onions, have you ever consider the other ways to use the potent smelling vegetable? Let’s take a look at a few interesting ways you can use onions that you may not know about.

Soothes Sore Throat

Onion tea just may get rid of that annoying sore throat of yours. Boil a cup of water with onion peels. After you bring it to a boil, remove the onion and drink up.

Revive Burned Rice

Have you ever attempted to make rice but accidentally burned it? Place half of an onion on top of the burned rice to omit the burnt taste.

Remove Splinters

No one likes getting a splinter. If you ever get one, consider taping a small piece of raw onion on your finger. Hold it tight for about an hour and then remove the onion. The splinter will be gone.

Cure Earaches

Get rid of the irritating earache by using onion juice. Bake or steam an onion with the skin on until its soft, then crush then onion to release some of the juice. Pour drops of the onion juice onto the ear with an eyedropper to get rid of the earache.

Prevent Frosted Windows

You can keep frost from forming on your windows by rubbing the cut end of a raw onion on the windshield the night before you have to use your car.

Polish Metal

Polish your metal by slicing an onion and then crush it. Then combine the crushed onion with water. Using a cloth, rub the mixture on the metal surface until it’s clean.

Get Rid of Skin Pigmentation

People suffering from dark spots and pigments on their face can apply an onion and turmeric juice on the troubled spot to help brighten their skin.

Menstrual Cramps

Onions are nature’s potent painkillers. They can help soothe a woman’s menstrual cramps if she consumes raw onions a few days before her menstrual cycle.

Repel Bugs

If you a bug problem in your home, try placing a raw onion in the area you think they’re coming from. The smell of the onion will make the insects think twice about entering your home.

Ease Burn Pains

After sustaining a minor burn, rub a raw onion to help soothe the burn pain.