10 Incredible Stories Involving Lightning

There’s nothing more relaxing than a thunderstorm that rolls through the area. Many people enjoy kicking back and listening to the rolling thunder, or watching the flashes of lightning. Obviously, these bolts also pack quite a hazardous punch. There’s extremely low odds that you’ll ever be struck by one of them, but there are some extremely interesting stories that deal with people either getting struck or have been close to getting smacked by a bolt of electricity. Here are some of the craziest stories that involve lightning.

Man Commits Suicide After Getting Struck

Park ranger Roy Sullivan was struck seven different times by lightning, and miraculously survived them all. Unfortunately, he took his life after shooting himself over a woman that didn’t love him back.

Lightning Hits Oxygen Tank

A scuba diver was killed on a Florida beach when a lightning bolt hit his oxygen tank as he surfaced. His crew tried to get him back on the boat and save him, but it was too late.