10 Incredible Discoveries That Suggest Giants Existed Once

There are various stories of giants existing throughout mythology and folklore – both modern and ancient. Just about every single culture and society across the world has a story or two of a race of giant people roaming the planet. Over the past 200 years, give or take, especially since the beginning of the 20th century, scientific finds have pointed towards these folk tales being true. Scientists have found giant skeletal remains and fossilized foot prints that are much larger than that of a normal human being, suggesting there once was a race of larger human beings roaming the Earth. Here are ten incredible discoveries suggesting giants once existed.

Giant Bones – Lake Delavan, Wisconsin

According to reports within The New York Times on May 4, 1912, 18 giant skeletons, buried deep in charcoal, were discovered at Lake Delavan, Wisconsin. The discovery, made by the Phillips brothers, were presumed to have been from the remains of an unknown race from the area.

The Giants Of Death Valley

In 1931, F. Bruce Russell, a former physician, announced the discovery of a series of caves and tunnels within Death Valley in the Mojave Desert. He explored the caves and found the remains of human skeletons that stood 9-feet tall.