10 Horrifying Truths About The Holocaust

The Holocaust is easily one of the darkest periods in history for all of mankind. With the systematic slaughter of millions of innocent Jewish individuals, Hitler brought about a new meaning to the word vicious and genocide. While the history books tend to give us a lot of information about how grim this period of time was, they don’t tell you absolutely everything to know about the horrific conditions experience, or the full reasoning behind Hitler’s genocide. Here are 10 grim truths that not everyone may know about the Holocaust.


Around one-third of all Jewish people were murdered during Hitler’s Holocaust. Which makes this even worse is the fact that over one million of those people killed were children at the time.


In 1945, General Eisenhower made a rather correct prediction that people would begin to deny the Holocaust ever happening. He urged the press across the world to come and document everything to ensure no one could forget.