10 Hilarious Moments When Dads Were In Charge

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When it comes to kids, most of the times mom takes care of everything. From the best attire in public gatherings to food and cleanliness, moms do incredibly well to take care of things. What we do not realize is that there is a good reason for mom’s gradually becoming micro managers. All moms know that when dad is in charge, the most absurd, creative and possibly inappropriate parenting techniques may be showered on the kids. Here are 10 such parenting fails and sometimes wins when dad was handling the house.

When Mom’s not Around

Hurry up son! We have evidence to destroy.

Yes, She’s Sleeping Honey…

Proud dad knows his little one can sleep anywhere, even in his man-cave.

Dad Bought Me a Halloween Costume

For Halloween, this kid now knows which parent to go to for fashion advice.

Outdoor Activities

It’s the favorite sentence for many dad’s when mums are not around – ‘Go play outside’

Dress Up with Dad

Dad’s know everything about turning a baby’s face into a baby super villain face for dress up time!

I’ll Get That!

Who needs a tissue to clean a little bit of spilled food that accidentally fell on the fruit of your loins.

Parenting Level – Dad

New Achievement Unlocked!

Day Out with Daddy

If Carrie Underwood let Jesus take the wheel, this dad believes his son deserves a shot too.

At least it’s not for a Selfie

When you can’t put your kid anywhere and the sun is setting fast!

Dad’s Gotta Do, What Dad’s Gotta Do

For hardcore gamers, parenting is level normal.