10 Hilarious And Shocking Divorce Cakes

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They say that nearly half the marriages in the world end in divorces, but it feels like that number should be substantially higher these days. It is quite difficult to find the right person to spend your life with, because we ourselves are such complex, moody creatures experiencing a state of constant evolution. We might find our partner to be the best person in the world one year, and then realize we have made a horrible mistake the next. Luckily, nothing is written in stone and it is possible to get out of a marriage that is failing. Most people try to end their marriages in an amicable way, but some people like to make cakes that are funny and horrifying at the same time. Here is a list of 10 cakes made specially for the occasion of a divorce.

Kick The Bucket

Sure, we all have wished that our husband/wife was dead at some point, but to articulate that thought using a cake is disturbing.

Falling For You

Not all marriages end in divorce. Some end with gruesome murder trials that capture the imagination of the nation.

Head Over Heels In Love

You want to carry a piece of your partner with you at all times when you are in love. You just want your partner to rest in pieces when you get a divorce.

The Wife Did It

Every cop knows that when the husband is missing and the backyard looks freshly dug up, that the wife obviously did the dirty deed. Might as well just get a divorce and not go to jail.

Mr. And Mrs. Cake

This looks like the wedding cake spies Mr. and Mrs. Smith should have gotten when they got married.

Single And Homeless

When you get your first divorce, you can feel like your whole life is ahead of you. Unfortunately that life involves being broke, lonely and homeless for a very long time.

Freedom Tastes Like Cake

We would like to see a divorce cake where the husband and wife are seen being happy in their own lives. Why get blood involved in this matter?

Walk All Over You

Sometimes when you are in a tough marriage, you feel like your partner doesn’t respect you and likes to walk all over you. That is when you end things and get this awesome cake made.

Death By Icing

Life can be topsy-turvy at times and you never know what will hit you next. Just hope that it isn’t a giant cake that your ex pushed off a twenty story building.

Single And Ready To Mingle

After spending many years with the same person, most people can’t wait for new and exciting sexual experiences. It is also fun to emulate that feeling in the form of icing and eating it when you are lonely.