10 Grueling Marathons From Around The World

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc is the toughest marathon conducted in Europe and is held every year in the month of August. The location is the border triangle of France, Switzerland and Italy, and the trail stretches across 166 kilometers. The best part about this trail is that takes participants around Mont Blanc, although many people have to focus on their run and are unable to fully appreciate the view.

Badwater Ultra

The location of this run is a region known as the ‘Valley of Death’. It is located in Death Valley, California, right in the heart of the Mojave desert and is one of the driest places on the planet. Temperatures here can get to a scalding 50 degrees celsius, and the 220 kilometer track just makes everything a lot worse. The area is also located 85 meters below sea level, adding an extra dimension to the event.