10 Good Luck Charms From Around The World

For many centuries people have believed that luck dictates almost everything they do, at least some people truly believe that. Throughout time, people have managed to get a hold of various good luck charms, including acorns, amulets to ward off evil, and even lucky coins passed down through family generations. These items probably hold some sentimental value, but they are also thought to bring strokes of luck that help in careers, finance, and relationships. Here are ten good luck charms from across the world.


In Norse culture, one acorn set upon a windowsill of a home is said to protect the household from lightning strikes. Oak trees, where acorns are located, attract lightning, so Vikings believed they would be spared the wrath of Thor by keeping them.

Alligator Teeth

In African culture, wearing the tooth of an alligator around your neck was for a survivalist with a lot of experience. Instead, nowadays alligator teeth are thought to bring good luck while gambling.