10 German Words We Definitely Need In English

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Have you ever heard the saying “Everything sounds better in German”? Well it’s not exactly a saying, especially because it’s definitely not true. However, the German language does have a few iconic words that cannot be matched in English, but that we desperately need, especially nowadays when expressing emotion is harder than ever. Take a look at the explanations of these ten amazing words to see what we’re missing. Could you think of a good translation?


Torschlusspanik signifies a feeling of fear of time running out and people not being able to achieve their goals. It quite literally means gate shutting panic.


Fernweh is a longing for far-off places. So, if you get homesick quite easily, we suggest you don’t do this.


Schnapsidee is an idea you have while you are drunk that you will probably forget by the morning.


Treppenwitz signifies things you should have said. It’s literally a witty comeback you thought of too late.


The literal translation of the term Luftscholls would be and air castle. It signifies an unrealistic dream.


Weltschmerz is the despair caused by the state of the world. The world originates from World War II but is accurate today as well.


Fuchsteufelswild translates to fox-devil wild. It’s basically a great word to express just how much rage you feel.


Fingerspitzengefühl is literally a “fingertip-feeling”. It signifies intuitive empathy with things and people.


Frühjahrsmüdigkeit is that sense of listlessness brought on by the coming of spring.


Sehnsucht is an intense yearning for something far-off and inevitable.