10 Frightening Facts About The Zika Virus

Every so often a health crisis grips the public and strikes fear into those who are susceptible to it. This year, it’s the Zika virus which is a hot topic with the World Health Organization (WHO). The Zika virus is spread by mosquitoes who are infected with it. It is especially dangerous because of the long-term effects it can have on unborn babies if either of their parents are infected with the harmful virus. Symptoms can range from being very mild and nearly unnoticeable to being fatal to fetuses. Here are ten other scary facts about the Zika virus.

There’s No Treatment or Vaccination

There is no known treatment or vaccination for the Zika virus. Right now, health professionals treat symptoms of it and advise individuals to protect themselves from mosquitoes and avoid traveling to areas known to be populated with the virus.

It Hasn’t Been Around That Long

Much of the reason there is no known treatment for the Zika virus is the fact it has only been a known virus since 1947. Even after that, it was a very obscure virus until an outbreak in Yap in 2007.