10 Fascinating Tidbits You Never Knew About Sex

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Sex is one of those simple pleasures of life that is only available to those who are willing to take the leap forward. Sex is even practiced by most people for the majority of their lifetime, though some, sadly, only manage to accomplish the feat once or twice in their entire lives. While that is quite unfortunate, some individuals only procreate in order to have children, and not for pleasure. While this may be seen as admirable by some, others believe that they’re missing out on a lot of fun. Here are ten fascinating facts about sex that you never knew.

Weight Loss

On average, a human being will lose around 26 calories for every minute their spend kissing. When it comes to vigorous sex, though, one hour will burn around 150 calories in total. This adds up to about three pounds in a single year.

Pubic Wigs

Pubic hair is a take-it-or-leave-it type of situation. Some people prefer a man or woman with a bit of hair, while others would rather it remain hidden. Since the 1400’s, however, pubic wigs have been a thing. Women shaved their hair to prevent lice, then wore a wig in the hair’s place.


Condoms, at first, were made using only animal intestines and linen. In Asia, sometime before the 15th century, glans condoms would only cover the head of the penis. These were made of silk paper or lamb intestines.


For those suffering from a serious case of a bad headache, having sex with your partner is said to cure the problem altogether. Sex forces the body to release endorphins, which naturally combats headaches.

Skin Care

The proteins found within sperm have been said to feature a tightening effect on the skin. When it is left to dry, the sperm will evaporate, leaving behind a protein that reduces wrinkles. For some, this is the perfect anti-aging cream.

Hair Growth

Pubic hair is actually internally programmed to grow up to a certain length and then stop. The body has its own “growth program.” When compared to the head, the pubic hair has a shorter growth period. This prevents terrible lengths.

Blow Gal

The original term “blow job” actually came from the old Victorian times. During that period, the slang for a prostitute was “blowsy.” Blow was also slang for ejaculation. The two combined to form an act of fellatio.

Male Pornography

Men who view pornography on a regular basis are actually said to produce far more sperm within their body than those who do not. Studies have proven that men who view the films produce more than simply looking at a woman. This is thought to be some form of competition within the sperm.

Fun Sex

Humans are not the only creatures in the world who enjoy having sex for nothing more than then simple pleasure of it. In fact, both dolphins and Bonobo chimps have been known to engage in various forms of sexual activity for fun.

Animal Prostitutes

Again, humans are not the only species to have sex for fun or for work. Animals, especially penguins, are known for prostitution. The female penguin will sometimes exchange a sexual favor for new pebbles to build their nests with.