10 Fantastically Stupid Ways That Wars Broke Out

The Cod Wars

The Cod Wars were a series of armed conflicts and confrontations that occurred over a series of several years between the United Kingdom and Iceland. They were started by a dispute between fishing rights in the area around Iceland that the UK relied heavily upon for its fishing trade. The United States ended up mediating negotiations between the two countries when it appeared that it might escalate and even see Iceland leave NATO.

The War of Jenkins Ear

The War of Jenkins’ Ear began in 1739 and involved the British attacking Spanish military forces around the Caribbean and North America. It was spurred on by an event that had happened eight years earlier, when Captain Robert Jenkins’ ship was boarded by the Spanish navy, who then cut off his ear. Hoping to stoke up tensions between the two countries, some politicians invited Jenkins to Parliament to display the wound in 1739. This caused outrage and led to war being declared.