10 Dogs For The Laziest Of Owners

A lot of people make the conscious decision to purchase and raise a dog of their own after quite a considerable amount of thought. However, most people don’t stop and think about how much it truly takes to raise a dog and how much time and energy it requires. With that in mind, picking the perfect dog requires more thought than many people give. For the lazy owner in all of us, there are a lot of different canines that make for a perfect pet. Here are the ten best dogs for the laziest of owners.


Bolognese descended from a breed of dogs in southern Italy. They recently became popular as a companion canine, though they were once highly popular amongst the nobles and royal courts throughout Spain. They are a toy breed, which means they are small, and have no genetic health problems.

Japanese Chin

Though the Japanese Chin is not the prettiest dog in the world, they are quite small and easy-going. The toy breed is great for sitting in someone’s lap, so you can lay them down and basically ignore them while you work or relax after a long day, though you shouldn’t ignore them completely.