10 Creepy Murder Houses You Could Live In

Crossbow Cannibal House

Azarias Fontaine is a student in Bradford, England who gets away with renting a flat at only £360 a month. The reason for that is that he is renting the apartment previously owned by Stephen Griffiths, the “Crossbow Cannibal.” Griffiths killed and dismembered three women in the bath of the property before cooking them and eating them.

Gardette-LaPrete House

This crazy-expensive mansion that features a beautiful flamingo-pink facade has a dark history. The $2.65 million New Orleans house has been the sight of a series of crimes after one party went terribly wrong. Police found dozens of bodies dismembered inside the party and the owner of the house buried alive in the yard. It was later abandoned before Frank D’Amico bought it and restored it in order to put it on the market.