10 Crazy Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds

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Every sixty seconds, there are tons of things happening on Earth that you never notice. You may not know this, but for every new minute spent on this Earth, you will be exactly 1 penny richer while on the other hand, the US national debt will increase by more than three million dollars. This list will explain to you just how much is happening while you’re busy living your own life – from nature to behind the scenes happenings and dollars rolling. Here are the ten shocking things that will happen in the next sixty seconds.


In the next minute, there are going to be five earthquakes around the world.


Lightning will strike the world more than three hundred times. It is thought that lightning strikes the Earth up to six times every second.


Each second, there are 4 babies born around the world. In the next sixty seconds, there’ll be more than two hundred babies born. Almost half of those babies will be born in poverty, and around ten will have birth defects.


In the next minute, around 55,000 barrels of oil will be used.


In the next sixty second, more than thirty thousand tons of water will go over the Niagara Falls and 960 million tons of water will evaporate from the surface of the Earth.


Just one hummingbird flaps its wings around 4,000 times in one minute.

Chemical reactions

More than five million chemical reactions will happen inside each of the cells in your body.


Each sixty seconds, you blink at least ten times while the average person blinks 12 times.

Bed Bugs

The bed bugs that keep you company in your bed at night will crawl roughly 48 inches closer.


Nike makes approximately $36,000 each minute while Bill Gates will earn around $15,000.