10 Crazy Facts About Ants You May Not Know

Ants are eusocial insects of the Formicidae family and, along with the related bees and wasps, belong to the Hymenoptera order. These insects evolved from their wasp-like ancestors about 110-130 million years ago and diversified into several species after the rise of the angiosperms (flowering plants). Of an estimated total of 22,000 ant species, more than 12,500 species have been classified. Most ants are red or black in color, but some species are metallic or green. This list contains 10 crazy facts about ants you may not know.


Various ant species are known to attack neighboring colonies and steal larvae or eggs in a practice known as dulosis. These forcibly acquired young are then put to work or eaten.

Male Ants Do Not Have Fathers

Male ants do not have fathers because fertilized eggs develop into females and unfertilized eggs develop into males.