10 Crazy And Hilarious Ways People Were Caught Cheating On Their Partner

Credit Card Fraud

When a man used a credit card owned jointly by him and his wife to go on a spending spree to buy gifts for his mistress, he thought he would never be found out. Unfortunately for him, the number of purchases sparked a fraud warning at the issuer who then rang his wife to check if the card should be in use. Knowing her husband was supposed to be in work at the time she assumed the card must have been stolen and informed the company. When the husband then went to use the card again, he was arrested by police on suspicion of fraud before his wife bailed him out and found out the whole story.

Burglar Mistress

When his girlfriend came home unexpectedly early, a man panicked and rang police to report that the woman he had been cheating on her with was actually a burglar and had broken into the house. The ruse was uncovered when officers realized that no burglary had taken place, leading to the man being arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.