10 Crazy And Hilarious Ways People Were Caught Cheating On Their Partner

Google Street View

A Russian boyfriend was found by his girlfriend to be cheating when an image emerged on Google Street View that showed him being intimate with another woman. She was able to confirm it was him by confronting the man with the photograph, prompting him to confess everything. Fortunately this all happened before they had gotten married, allowing them to cancel those plans without much fuss.

Terrorist Attack

Having had his phone off all day while spending the day at his girlfriends a man was unaware that his wife had been trying to contact him for several hours. When he eventually turned on his phone he reassured her that he was at his office in the World Trade Center and was perfectly fine, unaware there had been a terrorist attack on the buildings. The ensuing divorce was the first to be brought about directly due to the September 11 attacks.