10 Craziest Things That Have Been Sent In The Mail

Although traditional postal services have come under threat from the likes of internet messaging services and email, there is still a strong need for mail that can deliver physical objects all around the world. Whether it is an important letter or a valuable belonging or just an item you have bought from a shop, we rely on the post almost every day. For as long as the mailman has been delivering letters,there have been strict rules governing what can and can’t be sent via a postal service, however that hasn’t stopped some people from sending some truly bizarre things.


The general consensus for the transportation of samples of dangerous diseases such as smallpox and scarlet fever would probably advise against using the normal postal service. After all, such workers would not be trained into how to care for the samples and ensure they couldn’t escape or infect anyone. That didn’t stop physicians from sending in the diseases to the National Health Board in the mail though, with the head of the New York Post Office confirming the case in 1895.

Expensive Diamonds

In 1958, Harry Winston decided to donate the infamous Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution for the National Jewel Collection. The jewel had been estimated to be worth at least $1 million, though the museum never arranged for collection of the precious stone. Instead, Winston simply sent it through his local post office for the price of $145.29.