10 Celebrities Who Had To File For Bankrupcy

Many people fantasize about the celebrity lifestyle. We all like to think that being rich and famous will solve all our problems, especially from a financial point of view. However, that’s not always the case. While we believe that everyone on the front cover of a “celeb” magazine or topping the latest charts is bursting with glamor, charisma and – most importantly – cash, the sad truth is that even famous people can land on hard times.

So with that in mind, please spare a thought for the following celebrities who have had to file for bankruptcy (some more than once). Whether you derive pleasure from this list or not, it certainly speaks volumes about how even the super rich can make mistakes every so often.

Burt Reynolds

Burt is the quintessential American acting icon, yet in 1996 he had to file for bankruptcy after a costly divorce settlement and a failed chain of restaurants.

Donald Trump

Most people think of Donald as being a shrewd billionaire thanks to his appearance in The Apprentice. Not so, however, as he has allegedly filed for bankruptcy four times.