10 Brave Parents Who Got Their Kid’s Art Tattooed

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Maybe they’re a little crazy. Maybe they’re a little brave. Maybe they are just more than a little in love with their children. For whatever the reason, these parents took pride in their children to a whole new level. Normal parents put their kid’s artwork on the refrigerator — these parents had their kid’s artwork memorialized permanently on their skin. Now, any time they need a reminder of how much they are loved or how adorable their little one once was, they only need to look at their own skin.

Is That A Bird?

It might be a bird. It’s definitely a colorful piece of art work from what is surely an adorable little kid.

Yikes! Is That A Rodent On My Foot?

This is taken from an ad for a tattoo parlor. They should be proud of this work. Not everyone can perfectly replicate the drawing of a small child.

This Dad Is All Into It!

This picture is from a gentleman who has had a tattoo put on his right arm of a drawing by his kid every year since his son turned 4. When asked what he’d do when he starts to run out of room, he responds that he’ll just ask his son to draw something smaller.

“Daddy, I Love You!”

This man only needs to look at the inside of his arm to remember he is loved.


Another mysterious drawing by a little kid. Is it a martian? Is it an astronaut? I’m sure this parent will remember this for the rest of their lives.

A Colorful Pot Of Flowers

Between some classic tattoos of angel wings, this parent put the unusual tattoo designed by their little one.

“Mom, I Love You!”

Dads are not the only ones who need a reminder that they are loved. This mom, too, can look at the inside of her arm to remind herself of how loved she is. As well as how adorable her child once was.

Happy Picture On The Shoulder Blade

One can only assume that this colorful, cheerful picture depicts the child and his mother hanging out next to a gigantic flower.

Only The Signature Is His

At the age of 4, only the signature belongs to the child. The drawings were added to the piece to highlight the child’s favorite things.

A Family Affair

This brave Mama had flowers and signatures of all her kids placed on her foot. The foot, by the way, is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo.