10 Baffling Birthday Traditions From Around The World

Birthday celebrations are one of the few things that the whole world has in common. The vast majority of people, regardless of their country or origin, culture or religion all have a way of marking the day of their birth. However, not all nations and cultures do so in exactly the same way as you might. While those in Western countries might be used to holding a party, having a few drinks or going out for meal, those in other parts of the world have long-standing traditions that can seem entirely bizarre.

Cake Man

In Denmark, children are given a special cake on their birthday, just like in many other parts of the world. What makes this version so different though is the fact that the treat will actually be something called a Cake Man, a cross between a birthday cake and a gingerbread man. At the conclusion of the festivities, the head of the Cake Man is cut off and given to the special person.

Sweeping The Streets

A long standing custom in Germany for single men when it is their birthday is for them to go to their local city hall and sweep the steps and streets surrounding the building. They do this while friends pour rubble as a way of embarrassing them for not having a partner.