10 Bizarre National Holidays From Around The World

National Weatherperson’s Day

National Weatherperson’s Day is a relatively new national holiday that began with the aim of honoring the work that those reporting the weather do. The date of February 5 was chosen as it was the birthday of one of the first ever weather reporters, John Jeffries. While it is still an important day for those working in the industry, it has largely become a way to show off some of the wackier moments that a weatherman or woman has done throughout the year.

Star Wars Day

The huge popularity of Star Wars made it inevitable that at some point fans would choose a day to express their love for the fictional universe. The date May 4 was chosen as it offered a pun with the catchphrase “May the Fourth be with you.” While LucasFilm and other Star Wars authorities did not officially recognize the day, Disney have taken the step to hosting events and publicizing the national holiday around the world.