10 Bizarre Gifts Given To The Royal Family

It’s a well-established tradition for heads of state to give gifts to their opposite numbers when they visit, with the presents usually being something unique and significant from the giver’s culture. However, when people visit the United Kingdom they have a problem in that they have to get something distinctive for the Queen, who has been visited by thousands of different presidents, prime ministers and royals throughout her reign, making it difficult to choose a gift that she won’t have had before. This has led to some bizarre and astonishing items that have been given to her and her family as gifts.

Dog Soap

Knowing that the Queen is a big lover of dogs and owns several of the animals herself, the Australian government decided that the idea gift for the Queen would be a bar of dog soap. She was given a bar of Tilley’s Timid Joe Dog Soap while in Victoria.


Fiji officials almost always present the Queen with a ceremonial tabua whenever she visits the country, which is part of the Commonwealth. It is a hugely important item in Fijian culture and is made out of whale tooth, carved into shape and plays a major part in many of the island’s traditions.