10 Bizarre Artists And Their Unusual Painting Techniques

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In today’s world art is a very broad term, describing almost anything from trash to beautiful paintings to rocks, which were created by huge names in the industry. Modern art is outrageous at times, while other times it is particularly mesmerizing and does exactly what it is supposed to do: to inspire, to make you think, and to make you feel. With diverse art, there are diverse artists and strange art methods and whether you approve them or not, here are 10 bizarre artists and their highly unusual and weird painting techniques.

The Underwater Painters

A group of artists from Ukraine use paint in order to create their masterpieces, but they do it in the most unusual of places: underwater. Diving into the Black Sea with scuba gear, which lets them stay underwater for up to 40 minutes, they apply paint to canvas. Too bad that the artworks aren’t that different than what they would’ve been if they were painted on the surface.

The Human Blood Painter

With the rise and fall of the vampire craze in the early 2010s, it’s not surprising that there is an actual artist that uses human blood to paint. Vinicius Quesada is quite talented and loves to shock people with his work. His entire series titled Blood Piss Blues is created with, as the name suggests, blood and urine. The type of art he creates is very detailed and often quite psychedelic.

The Basketball Painter

Strikingly talented, Hong Yi uses a basketball instead of a paint brush. And while this abstract process may lead you to believe that her art is quite bad, it is actually not. Her work is extremely and surprisingly detailed.

The Vomit Painter

If there’s one things almost everyone is disguised by, it’s definitely vomit. However, for Millie Brown vomit is just another tool she uses in order to paint abstract pictures. Mastering the art of regurgitation, Brown drinks colored milk and regurgitates it onto a white canvas or on her own dress. Her painting sell for thousands of dollars.

The Penis Painter

Tim Patch is quite the unusual Australian artist. Instead of using a regular paintbrush, like most, he uses his male genitalia in order to paint. Calling himself “Pricasso,” Patch uses his bottom to paint in the background and continues to paint with his penis. He is often on the road, appearing at various sex trade shows and putting on a live painting demonstration.

The Human Ashes Painter

We’ve all heard about sand painting, but have you heard about human ashes painting? Val Thompson mixes different ingredients into her paint, in order to “build up a bit of texture on the canvas.” One of those ingredients are actual human ashes. At her brother’s suggestion she has turned this kind of painting into a career, making art out of the recently deceased.

The Eye Painter

Xiang Chen, from the Hunan province of China uses a giant 4.4-pound paintbrush, which he attaches to his eye, in order to paint. Inserting a flat metal part at the end of the brush under his eye lids, Chen drags the brush around to paint different calligraphy paintings. Even though the resulting art isn’t exactly perfect, people still admire his innovative and bizarre painting technique.

The Dead Ants Painter

It may seem bizarre, but artists Christ Trueman uses actual dead ants in order to paint. One of his pieces, known as the “Self-Portrait With Gun” took him over 200,000 ants to complete.

The Tongue Painter

Ani K, a drawing teacher, had a strange idea: why not paint with his tongue? At first, he started getting severe head and body aches and got sick because of the pungent fumes. However, he claims that he has grown immune to the effects, as he is able to create amazing painting and paint for hours using his tongue.

The Boob Painter

Kira Ayn Varszegi is an American artist, who uses her double-D sized breasts as brushes in order to create abstract paintings. Although her technique is quite original, the painting style is rather simple, as she just puts paint on her breasts and presses them against the canvas. According to Kira, the secret to her success is the variation in color and the well-balanced composition of her paintings, but we believe that the double-Ds may have something to do with it!