10 Beautiful Destinations Every Ecotourist Should Visit

Today there are hundreds and thousands of breathtaking tourist destinations from around the globe any one of us should visit at least once in their lifetime. However with profit and comfort in mind, tourism pioneers have taken it upon themselves to ruin the serenity of nature resorts in order to replace them with modern architectural wonders and elite hotels. Whether or not you agree with the tourism strategies of such monopolists or not, the truth is that there are still some untouched spots left on this Earth which are a true heaven for the true ecotourist. They can not only inspire you, but also confirm the truth each one of us knows – that mother Earth is the true architect of astounding feats of beauty, which nothing man-made can replace.

The Himalayas in Nepal

An ecotourism destination for the more adventurous kind, the Himalayas in Nepal comprise the highest mountains on Earth. Offering a range of landscapes, which vary from subtropical valleys to alpine forests.

The Galapagos Islands

Found 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador and the first ever recognized UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, the Galapagos Islands are a true heaven for the eco-conscious tourists. Being the home of some of nature’s most wonderful creatures, this ecotourism destination features a lot of treats, including special ones for the more adventurous of visitors, such as swimming with sea lions and penguins.