10 Beautiful Destinations Every Ecotourist Should Visit

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Today there are hundreds and thousands of breathtaking tourist destinations from around the globe any one of us should visit at least once in their lifetime. However with profit and comfort in mind, tourism pioneers have taken it upon themselves to ruin the serenity of nature resorts in order to replace them with modern architectural wonders and elite hotels. Whether or not you agree with the tourism strategies of such monopolists or not, the truth is that there are still some untouched spots left on this Earth which are a true heaven for the true ecotourist. They can not only inspire you, but also confirm the truth each one of us knows – that mother Earth is the true architect of astounding feats of beauty, which nothing man-made can replace.

The Himalayas in Nepal

An ecotourism destination for the more adventurous kind, the Himalayas in Nepal comprise the highest mountains on Earth. Offering a range of landscapes, which vary from subtropical valleys to alpine forests.

The Galapagos Islands

Found 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador and the first ever recognized UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, the Galapagos Islands are a true heaven for the eco-conscious tourists. Being the home of some of nature’s most wonderful creatures, this ecotourism destination features a lot of treats, including special ones for the more adventurous of visitors, such as swimming with sea lions and penguins.


A widely popular ecotourism destination, mainly because of the hit TV drama reality series Survivor, Borneo is an amazing island with never-before-seen cat-like animals found there. Furthermore, its award-winning Sukau Rianforest Lodge could take you on a nature experience that you’ll never forget.

The Blue Mountains of Australia

A Natural UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000, the Blue Mountains of Australia is a perfect spot for ecotourists who want to enjoy as much as 550 square miles of valleys, rocky outcroppings, narrow canyons and a number of swamps. It also features some of the most diverse wildlife Australia can offer.


One of the first places in South Asia to completely embrace the natural rhythm of nature and ecotourism, Kerala, a state in India, contains a number of villages, where visitors can not only enjoy nature, but also the traditional eco-way of life of the Indians.

The Amazon Rainforest

Probably the most popular, but also the most dangerous of the ecotourist list is the Amazon rainforest. Some communities there embrace the ecotourism and take visitors through the rainforest, introducing them to the indigenous way of life of the tribes who live there.

Tofino Island, Canada

Some might be surprised to learn that one of the most secluded and untouched places on Earth is found in Canada, but the truth is that the Tofino Island is a perfect destination for ecotourists, not only because of its glorious sandy beaches and hot springs, but also because of its astounding mountain glaciers and breathtaking coastlines.

Costa Rica

Renowned for its back-to-nature ethos, Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for every ecotourist enthusiast. Home to four active volcanoes and with an abundance of rainforest, Costa Rica is perfect for every adventurer as it offers you a number of activities including scuba diving, skydiving, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and birding.


Those of you who truly want to experience Africa in extreme eco-style should definitely go to Botswana. With its wide-open Savannah plains, amazing forests and amazing display of wildlife, Botswana is often called the ‘jewel of Africa’


Known as the nature island of the Caribbean, the small island of Dominica is recommended for every Eco tourism junkie. Recently earning the name of the ‘Whale-Watching Capital of the Caribbean,’ this small island draws people with its pristine rainforests, astonishing waterfalls and secluded natural hot springs.