10 Awesome Things Every Custom-Built House Needs

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Everyone dreams of owning their own home. But more than that, we dream of building one from the ground up, indulging our childhood fantasy of building the ultimate clubhouse. The only thing holding us back? The same thing preventing us from living out most of our wildest fantasies — money. But if money were no object, how would we do it? Check out our list of ten awesome ideas for your future custom-built house. Keep them in mind for when you make that first million dollars.

An Epic Home Cinema

Who hasn’t dreamt of having a proper cinema nestled inside their own home? Every custom-built home needs a great place to chill out and watch movies, TV, or play video games. This one even has an awesome star-dome to provide just the right amount of ambient lighting.

Photo courtesy of Admit One Cinema

A Hidden Room

Sometimes you just want to escape into your own private little world. A hidden room makes that easy. Use it for reading, crafts, planning world domination—whatever you want, it’s your secret room!

Extra Spacious Bathroom

Your bathroom should be more than just a place to take showers and “conduct business”. If money is no object, make sure to give yourself plenty of space in your bathroom. Just imagine how relaxed you’ll be if you take a nice long soak in the tub with your morning coffee or a hot cup of tea every day.

A Huge Closet With Built-In Washer/Dryer

This takes convenience to a whole new level. Assuming you’re still doing your own laundry, imagine how easy it would be to go from hamper to washer, then dryer to rack. Not to mention, all that space is great for getting dressed in.

A Fancy Pet Bed

If you’re living in luxury, why shouldn’t your pet? Build a custom pet bed so they can live the high-life, too.

A Swing Bed

A swing bed is perfect for loftily relaxing with a book, or maybe even a mid-day nap. Put one in your study, preferably near a window, to rock and relax in luxury and style.

Personalized Spaces

No matter how big your family is—whether you’re married or single, have toddlers or teens, everyone needs a space to customize and call their own. One way to do so is by personalizing a space with epic wall-decals like this one.

A Spacious Kitchen

Anyone who lives in an apartment will tell you how badly they want more kitchen space. It’s hard to feel like Gordon Ramsey in a kitchen the size of a walk-in closet. Make sure your dream home contains a spacious, open-concept kitchen. Cool culinary gadgets are an added bonus.

A Slide

Whether you have kids or you just want to relive your childhood, an indoor slide is obviously the best way to get from one floor to the other in your home.

An Awesome Family Room

Some say families aren’t spending enough time together anymore. Having a space in your house just for bringing the family together is a great investment. Otherwise, it’s just a great space to entertain.