10 Awesome Things Every Custom-Built House Needs

Everyone dreams of owning their own home. But more than that, we dream of building one from the ground up, indulging our childhood fantasy of building the ultimate clubhouse. The only thing holding us back? The same thing preventing us from living out most of our wildest fantasies — money. But if money were no object, how would we do it? Check out our list of ten awesome ideas for your future custom-built house. Keep them in mind for when you make that first million dollars.

An Epic Home Cinema

Who hasn’t dreamt of having a proper cinema nestled inside their own home? Every custom-built home needs a great place to chill out and watch movies, TV, or play video games. This one even has an awesome star-dome to provide just the right amount of ambient lighting.

Photo courtesy of Admit One Cinema

A Hidden Room

Sometimes you just want to escape into your own private little world. A hidden room makes that easy. Use it for reading, crafts, planning world domination—whatever you want, it’s your secret room!