10 Awesome Pieces Of Tiny Art

The beauty of art stems from the fact that it comes in all shapes, sizes and mediums. Artists around the world love exploring the various dimensions that make art unique and play within these dimensions successfully. Whether you love painting massive murals along the side of buildings or creating art on a grain of rice, art can be still be moving and captivating. Tiny art is a new phenomenon that is gaining attention around the world. This list contains 10 awesome examples of really tiny art.

Little People

This great project was started by street artist Slinkachu and is called ‘Little people’. It can be seen all over London and involves using little people in various situations. This particular piece was spotted in the Fame Festival in Italy.

Hulk Smash And Break

This is another popular piece by Willard Wigan. You can see his love for pop-culture in this one as the mighty hulk looks like he is tearing down a helpless needle.