10 Dating Websites That Are Extremely Specifc

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Dating is a game with no winners or losers, just a lot of worn down contestants. It is an endless circle of rejections and insecurities no matter how rich or good looking you are. Finding love is never easy, but the internet has definitely made things better. There are hundreds of dating websites that help you find your partner from a larger pool of people. Then there are websites that are extremely specific in the type of people they accept and the type of people they find love for. Here is a list of 10 highly specific dating websites.


Geeks are a sub-culture that have become just as popular as jocks. There seem to be millions and millions of geeks around the world and only one geek seems to be able to understand another. Geek2Geek helps two geeks find one another, because according to the website, Geeks have special and sophisticated interests that can only be comprehended by other Geeks.

Love Me Love My Dog

Dog lovers are generally known to be compassionate people. If you are the kind of person that believes that being a dog owner is an absolute necessity in your partner, then this dating site is just for you.

Frugal Passions

FrugalPassions does not seem like the name of dating site, but it actually is one. This site is for those people who believe they know the true value of a buck and are looking for other frugal people as well. This seems like the perfect site for frugal folk, but only if they deem the membership fee to be worth the money.

Cancer Survivors

CancerSurvivorDating is a dating site that puts two compatible cancer survivors in touch with one another. This is truly a rare and devastating ordeal, and this website actually makes more sense than any other site on this list.

Actors Mingle

ActorsMingle is on the other end of the sensibility spectrum. If you are a good looking, shallow and out of job person who is looking for someone exactly like you, then just date a mirror. The conversations are likely to be just as intense.

Greek Crush

GreekCrush is a place for people who are in fraternity houses to find other people who are also in fraternity houses. Isn’t that the whole point of joining a fraternity house in the first place?

Farmers Only

If you are a farmer, then life must already be quite a chore. Finding love as a farmer cannot be easy, especially if you are looking for other farmers and you can’t see anyone for miles and miles. If you can make it to the city and find a cyber cafe, you can probably join FarmersOnly and find your match.

Millionaire Matchmaker

If you are a millionaire and you only want to date other millionaires, but can’t seem to find anyone, then you must be an ugly elitist. Luckily for you, there is a site designated to help even the elite and charmless.

Same Plate

SamePlate is a dating site that offers to bring together foodies from around the world. Bonding over food is pretty easy, but I’m not quite sure you should date someone for those reasons.

Trek Passions

TrekPassions is even more specific than Geek2Geek. This dating site brings together people who are not just geeks, but specifically Star Trek geeks. What has the world come to if people are using old television shows as a gauge to find love!