10 Animals That Stick Out Because Of Their Color

Painted Pigeons

It is a well-known fact that pigeons aren’t exactly the most respected birds in the world. They tend to poop a lot, mostly on your car or on your clothes when you are heading someplace important, and they are recognized as disease-carrying pests. An artist in Venice decided to give these poor birds a makeover by painting a few with a variety of colors and setting them free in Venice. If you ever thought that going to Venice would be a great way to learn about art, be warned that colorful pigeons do not qualify as an experience.

White Ravens

Tic, Tac and Toe are three white ravens that were rescued in the county of Durham and brought to the Weardale Animal Santuary. These three white ravens shocked scientists and zookeepers with their unnatural color and a lot of studies are currently centered around these birds. They were also apparently attacked by other ravens due to their strange color, but at least they are safe now.