10 Animals That Decided To Mess With Bees

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Bee strings are something almost everyone in the world is afraid of — whether they’re allergic or not. They’re painful, they last for quite a while and the swelling around the area can be horrible. It seems like other creatures on this planet don’t like being stung by bees either. The pictures in this list showcase dogs and cats with the horrible aftermath that is a bee sting. So, if you think you’ve had a bad sting from a bee, we’re sure they’ve got nothing on the ones here!

Nice Chin

This cat looks like he tried to eat a bee!

What Are You Looking At?

How adorable is this puppy with a nasty reaction to a bee sting?

Raspberry Nose

The cats little nose looks like a big raspberry now.

Cute Snout

He looks as if he’s wanting to say he’ll never go near another bee.

Another Cute Snout

This spot seems like the spot that most dogs get stung by bees.


This dog must be impressed that he survived that hurtful sting.

Wonky Eye

Where was this dog stung? It looks like it may have affected his eye a little.

Skinny To Fat

We wonder how he would have felt to go from skinny to fat so fast?

Looking For More

This dog looks like he’s looking for the hive to find the rest of the bees and get revenge.


This cat looks a bit like tiger now that he’s been stung.