10 Amazing Ways Animals Have Adapted

Nature is probably one of the most stubborn aspects of this entire planet than human beings and animals will ever happen to come across. Despite the harsh environments, killer plants, and innumerable deadly animals, we continue to strive and prosper for the foreseeable future. Animals are the major focal point here, however, as they somehow have adapted through time to become unstoppable forces capable of surviving in the worst environments imaginable. Even human beings cannot survive some aspects of Mother Nature. Here are ten amazing adaptations that show the strength of nature.

Arctic Fish

Somehow, fish have adapted in order to survive in the harshest of oceans in the world – the arctic. Science claims there is an antifreeze protein within the fish blood that prevents ice crystals from forming within their bodies, allowing them to survive.

Freezing to Live

Arctic fish manage to avoid being frozen by the harsh winters, but some types of frogs and turtles will actually freeze themselves almost solid in an effort to survive during the cold winter months. When Spring hits, though, they defrost and begin their lives anew.