10 Amazing Gifts For Babies With Geeky Parents

If you are in your thirties, chances are that most of your friends are having kids at this point. Buying a gift for children can be quite difficult, especially if you are talking about toddlers. It is not like they have interests or hobbies that you can play off, which is why you can try buying the children gifts based on what their parents might like. Playing to the parent’s taste is the easiest way to pick gifts for children. If you have friends who are a bit geeky, here is a list of 10 awesome gifts that you can buy for their children.

Star Wars Stroller

Any parent would be grateful to receive a gift that tells the world that they are a Star Wars fan. Having their baby look like a member of the Dark Side is a super bonus.

Space Invaders Mobile

This classic video game must have a legion of fans. Buying a space invaders mobile for their baby is sure to make them nostalgic and grateful.