You Won’t Believe How Long These 15 Animals Sleep


What’s a tree shrew? Is that a squirrel? Treeshrews are small mammals that are native to Southeast Asia. Even though they are called treeshrews, not all species live in trees nor are they true shrews. Treeshrews are actually closely related to primates among the order of mammals. On average, a treeshrew may spend about 15 to 16 hours a day sleeping.


Big or small, cats tend to sleep a lot. In fact, tigers have a lot in common with the common house cat in terms of long sleeping patterns. You may find more photos of tigers sleeping or resting about rather than action shots due to their leisurely schedule. A tiger may average upwards of 16 hours of sleep a day. Their favorite resting spots include shallow water holes, partly due to the cool temperature as well as a way to keep pesky bugs off of them.