Watch Amazing Slow Motion Jell-O Tennis


Gav and Dan, better known to social media as The Slow Mo Guys, have found an interesting way to showcase tennis. Tennis is widely known as a sport that demands undivided attention, focus and extreme dedication from the many players of the sport. The Slow Mo Guys wanted to find a way to make tennis a bit more dramatic than it already is, so they decided to add Jell-O to the mixture.

The Slow Mo Guys have created a lucrative career based on filming various objects moving in slow motion. Now we have their latest creation; Jell-O Tennis. The video below shows an artistic way of seeing Jell-O hit a tennis racket that would be otherwise hard to see with the naked eye.

The Jell-O Tennis is very interesting as well as a beautiful sight to see. While The Slow Mo Guys makes it look easy on camera, chances are you shouldn’t try this at home.