Top 16 Best Animated Movies To Date

Up (2009)

A sweet couple, Carl and Ellie, fall in love and marry, making big plans for children and traveling to South America together. After suffering a miscarriage, Carl and Ellie decide to make one of their other dreams come true together, and travel. After 70 beautiful years of marriage together, Ellie dies and Carl becomes a depressed and bitter man, rightfully so. After Carl inadvertently hits a construction worker and is forced to be moved into a retirement home and sell his house, he decides to make his house fly away. An unexpected person has joined him on his journey, an 8 year old kid named Russell, who wants to earn a new badge for his scout vest by assisting the elderly. Their journey takes them to unexpected places and they learn more about each other along the way. The old adage, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, seems to play a central theme throughout Up, and is a heartwarming tale about hope.

Mulan (1998)

Mulan is an exciting retelling of an old Chinese folktale that centralizes around a young Chinese maiden who wants to fight in the impending war in place of her weakened father, knowing he would not survive if he went off to war. After rejecting being set up by the matchmakers, Mulan goes to visit the ancestors one last time before beginning her transformation to appear as a man so she can be a soldier in the army to help fight off the Huns who are invading. Her ancestors do not agree with her choice and decide to send a dragon named Mushu to join her and help her to abandon her plan. After Mushu meets Mulan, he quickly realizes that she is a headstrong woman who is not going to change her mind, so he decides to stay with her to help during the tough times they are about to face. A story of courage and overcoming seemingly impossible odds, Mulan will leave you wanting more and cheering for her army.