The 10 Most Expensive Musical Instruments In The World

OM-45 Deluxe Guitar

Classical guitars may not be as eye-catching as their electric counterparts but they can prove to be just as valuable. This authentic OM-45 Deluxe Guitar was put together by the famous guitar maker C. F. Martin and Company in 1930 and was just one of fifteen made. It managed to sell for more than double its valuation, reaching a price of $554,500 at auction.

Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” Guitar

The Fender Stratocaster used by Eric Clapton through most of his career is arguably one of the most recognizable electric guitars in the world. Similar models have been used by most of the greats of rock, though Clapton’s person “Blackie” guitar is far more valuable than any other version. After being used by the music legend for 15 years, it was sold for $959,500.