Angel Number 444

Angel Number 444

If you’ve recently seen the number 444 over and over again, like on your phone or clock, it could be a sign.

The number 444 is known in numerology circles as an angel number. 

If you’re curious about why angel number 444 appears to you at so many unexpected times throughout the day and with such regularity, then read on to find out more.

What Is the Spiritual Significance of Angel Numbers, Anyway?

An angel number is a repeated number sequence, usually involving the same single-digit number, though not always.

Seeing an angel number sends a powerful message to you that you’re on the right path and fully pursuing your life purpose. 

Many people look for angel numbers, like the number 444, to appear in their daily life because they believe they’re getting guidance from divine forces when they see such numbers. If you see the number 444 all the time, this could be divine guidance for you, too. 

The Biblical Meaning of 444 in the Bible and its Spiritual Significance

Each number has its own significance and meaning in Judaism. Many numbers, like the number four, have a positive meaning associated with them in the Bible. Because the number four is associated with the creation of the heavenly bodies – that is, the sun, the moon, and the stars – it’s also associated with the creation of time. 

That is to say, we see the moon and the stars at night. When the sun comes up, night turns to day. This pattern continues day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, and so on. Once the four seasons go from spring, summer, fall, and winter, a year has passed by. People celebrate these passages of time with many holy days and festivals.

The most significant holy day in the week is the Sabbath, which also denotes the passage of time. In this case, the 7th day of the week marks the conclusion of one week and the beginning of the next. The Sabbath holds such significance in the Bible that one whole commandment, the 4th commandment, requires people to “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.”

This commandment points to the sovereignty of God, so the number four in the form of the 4th commandment symbolizes God and God’s power. The name of God in Hebrew – YHWH – has four letters, and is known as the Tetragrammaton. It’s probably not too much of a stretch to assume that the triple number four in the number 444 holds great meaning in light of this information. According to, the number three marks the completion of something. Thus, the three number fours point toward the completion that God brings to life and all things (just as the Sabbath signified the end of the first week of creation).

The number four appears in the Bible during a number of important historical and symbolic events. For example, in the Book of Genesis, readers learn that four rivers, the Rivers Hiddekel, Euphrates, Pison, and Gihon lead into the river in Eden. 

Additionally, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John make up the four gospels. Four angels visited Joseph, Jesus’s earthly father. Finally, in the fourth chapter of the Book of Judges, Deborah becomes a judge of Israel. She was also the fourth judge in the line of judges and the only female judge.

Angel Number 444 in Love and Relationships: The Keys to Spiritual Awakening

Because the 444 angel number has many spiritual ties to the many aspects of God, it holds great significance in the world of romance. In the higher and more noble aspects of love and spirituality, seeing the number 444 repeatedly when you spend time with your significant other could be a sign of a soul mate, a mirror soul, or even a twin flame connection. (This can also be true if you see the number 444 when you’re apart and thinking of your SO.)

On a more practical level, the number four in numerology and astrology connects with hearth and home. It’s a number that can stabilize a relationship. This has to do with the inherent stability of the number four. Consider objects like the four legs of a chair, the four-sided base of the tetrahedron, or the four sides of a square or cube, and you’ll understand why four adds so much stability to a relationship that has the number four in its cosmological charts.

The couples who share fours in their astrological charts – for example, the numbers of their birthdays add up to four – enjoy stability and love in their relationship. These numbers create a strong connection between lovers. If you’re fortunate enough to have this type of numerical connection with your soul mate or twin flame, it’s like getting another guardian angel in your life: It’s someone who loves you unconditionally and who will watch over you always.

What Is Angel Number 444 Trying to Tell Me in my Professional Life?

Imagine you’re at work, and everywhere you turn, you see the angel number 444: on your work invoices, in your email, and on the clock above the copy machine. You suspect that it’s a sign from your guides or angels, but how can you be sure?

The answer to this is pretty simple. Just look at the proximity of events. For example, let’s say you’ve been thinking about asking your boss for a raise. Right when the thought occurs to you that you should, indeed, ask for more money, you catch sight of the clock on your computer, and sure enough, it reads 4:44. 

It’s particularly important to note that just as the number four indicates stability in romantic relationships, it can also mean stability in your work relationships and situations, too. Asking for a raise under such circumstances could afford you some pretty promising results.

Another thing you want to consider is your life path number. People who have the number four as their life path number crave stability. They also like to plan and have the capacity to think far into the future, making them excellent at jobs that require such skills. Careers that work well for a person with four in their charts bring a lot to the table in careers, like architecture, accounting, and research. 

If you’re not in a job or career that comes with these qualities, then you may want to think about changing careers. Certainly, lots of people work jobs that aren’t exactly right for them in the short term. However, this isn’t the best option in the long run. 

Think of it this way. When you need to make an important point when you’re speaking with someone else, you may repeat the same word, phrase, or idea several times. Doing this drives the message home to the listener. 

You can look at the number 444 the same way. Angel numbers come from the divine, and the divine almost always communicates to us symbolically. The more unique or unusual the symbol, like a triple four, the more we pay attention to it. In this case, the divine is repeating a message to you about your career. Taking heed of the guidance that you get from these messages could put you on a more productive and stable work path. 

The angel number 444 could additionally indicate that your hard work will pay off and good fortune is heading your way. Your best career days stretch out before you, like a long, golden path. You can follow them with confidence when you have an angel number, like the number 444, guiding your steps.

Angel Number 444: Numerology Shows a Deeper Meaning

Much of the number four’s spiritual meaning comes from its ties with the Bible and the kabbalah. 

The divine realm uses your spirit guides, and even a sign, like the 444 angel number, to let you know you’re going in the right direction. 

The angelic realm constantly seeks you out for communion and to give you guidance. You could receive a message about a job offer that you’ll get in the near future or even an unexpected romance. 

Your guardian angels might even use angel number 444 as a matter of divine intervention. If you’ve asked for and received guidance in the form of a sign from your guardian angel, it’s important that you listen closely to the guidance you receive. Uncertainty weighs heavily on human beings, and being able to get a message from the divine helps to alleviate feelings of uncertainty. 

Were you given your angel numbers at birth? 

In a word, yes! In numerology, we learn that each letter has an equivalent numerical value. For example, in Chaldean numerology, each of the letters of the alphabet is aligned with a number, going from one to eight. For example, the letter “A” corresponds with the number one. The letter “D” corresponds with the number four, and the letter “F” aligns with the number eight. (The number nine isn’t used in Chaldean numerology.)

Adding up the numbers of your name, your birthday, and other important events gives you the numbers for such concepts in numerology, like your life path number. 

Given that you’re born on a specific day at a specific time and given a specific name on the day you were born signifies the relationship you’ll have with angel numbers throughout your life. A combination of numbers from your birthday, name, and other personal factors could in theory put the number four in your birth charts, possibly more than once.

Why do you keep seeing Angel Number 444?

In numerology, repeating numbers have a special meaning. These occurrences direct your thoughts toward the divine realm and the messages it wants to send you.

The divine often speaks to us in a still, small voice. When you learn to listen to that voice, your inner wisdom develops. Making major life decisions becomes easier for you because you know that the advice and guidance you’re receiving comes from a higher realm. The divine beings, like angels and ascended masters, who inhabit this realm see everything, including all the possible futures that lie ahead of you. 

Listening to this guidance allows you to choose the best future timeline for your life. When your guides and angels use the 444 angel number as a sign, they’re showing you when you’re on the correct path in your spiritual practices or in your career. This holds particularly true if you see it numerous times in your daily life, and if your current path doesn’t seem to lead anywhere positive. 

The 444 Angel Number and Messages From Your Guardian Angels

Seeing the angel number 444 comes as a good sign to those who believe the number is lucky and who have sought out divine protection. 

It’s a positive sign that you’re making progress towards the goals you’ve set for yourself in your love life, in your career, and on your spiritual path. These types of number sequences can indicate a new chapter in life.

In this case, seeing the 444 angel number may indicate a period of stability and peace after a long period of instability and grief. 

Truths About Angel Number 444: Numerology and the Kabbalah

The number four also plays a significant role in the kabbalah. Kabbalists speak of the Four Worlds. This corresponds to the Tetragrammaton, that is, the four letters of God’s name: YHWH. Each letter of the name of God points toward some aspect of creation. 

Passing through the four worlds leads to inner wisdom and enlightenment. Your spiritual awakening can come so gradually you may not be able to tell you’re making progress. That’s where divine signs, like angel number 444, can help. If you see this number at a particularly significant time, consider it an indication that the direction you’re going in is correct.

It’s worth pursuing this direction even when you feel confused, though. The positive energies that arise from your awakening raise your energetic vibration. 

Angel Number 444 Facts and Trivia

The number four doesn’t just have meaning in the spiritual realm. A number of important dates, concepts, beliefs, and mathematical principles have some association with the number four. 

Here’s an example. The number four has four letters. It’s the only number that has the same number of letters as its numeric value. 

The Number 444 and History

The number four holds great importance in American history and politics. The Declaration of Independence, which the Continental Congress of the United States signed on July 4th, 1776, created a new nation. This act created the American Independence Day, known colloquially as the 4th of July in the United States. 

Additionally, in a State of the Union address in 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared that there were four freedoms associated with human rights: freedom of speech, freedom from fear, freedom of worship, and freedom from want. Roosevelt intended for the speech to bolster the spirits of the nation and to inspire people to hope for a better post-war world. 

The artist Norman Rockwell made the four freedoms famous in a series of paintings of the same name. Eventually, Rockwell’s paintings were used to raise money for the war effort. By the time Rockwell painted his famous works, the US had fully entered World War II.

Modern Literature and the Role of the  Four

In more modern times, the number four got some popular recognition when Veronica Roth released her book Divergent. In it, she introduces readers to the character, Tobias Eaton, better known as Four.

He’s called Four because he has only four fears, something that’s measured in the book by a series of tests. It’s only much later in the book that readers learn that Four’s actual name is Tobias Eaton because his character is so associated with the number four.

The Angel Number 444 and Spirituality

Scientists and philosophers of the ancient world identified four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. These four elements eventually went on to make up the different suits of the classical tarot deck. The ancients also created the idea of the four winds: the north, south, east, and west winds.

Finally, the four-leaf clover brings good fortune to all those who find it. It happens to be as lucky as it is rare. This belief came to us from the Druids who believed that the four-leaf clover carried magical protection against evil. If you find this token of good luck, it means that you passed over another 10,000 or so three-leaf clovers to get to it. That is, you have a one-in-10000 chance of finding a four-leaf clover because they don’t grow naturally. 

All in all, the number four counts among the most interesting numbers in the Bible, in history, in trivia, and in literature. This is thrice the case for the number 444!

The Negative Side of 444 Angel Number

While people in the Western world think that the number four signifies stability and good luck, people in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea believe it has a different meaning. They believe it’s a sign of bad luck to encounter the number throughout the course of their lives. The 444 number would equal triple bad luck for them.

The reason for this tetraphobia  – that is, the fear of the number four – arises out of a feature of some Asian languages. In many Asian languages, the word for the number “four” sounds similar to the word for “death.” 

People in many Asian cultures believe so strongly that the number four equals bad luck that many building designers won’t include the number four in their building designs. Floor designations would go from floor three to floor five. In the city of Beijing, it’s not even possible to get a license plate with a number four on it. Many Asians view the number four in the same way that people in Western cultures view the number 13.

This holds true for the decision-making process at many Asian companies as well. For example, you’ll never find a Nokia phone that has a product number beginning with the number four. But the influence of this superstition goes beyond that. 

Because many Asians think the number four signifies bad luck, many Asian business owners do everything in their power to avoid the number four. They’d never allow their business phone number to have one number four, let alone three number fours. For them, the number 444 would never be a sign of good fortune. Quite the opposite: It’s something they would avoid at all costs because they believe that misfortune follows the number four.

Concluding Thoughts About the 444 Angel Number

While the angel number 444 signifies a move in the right direction and stability in numerology, it’s considered an unlucky number in many Asian cultures. 

Those fortunate enough to have the number four in their numerology charts enjoy the solid foundations that come from the number’s stability. This gives them the inner strength they require to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise in life. 

For some, seeing the number 444 means they’re getting a divine message from their guardian angel. For others, the appearance of the 444 angel number would signify misfortune of the worst kind. This demonstrates how a person’s cultural identity influences his or her perception of angel numbers, like the number 444. 

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