20 Weirdest And Pointless Phone Apps

Sometimes when we’re scrolling through the App Store or Google Play, we wonder why in the world some of these apps exist. Perhaps a student needed to complete a school project. Maybe somebody thought that their apps could actually serve a purpose, or they just wanted to be mean or pull a prank on some poor unsuspecting fellow. For whatever reason, here are the best of the weirdest, pointless, and possibly somewhat useful applications for people out there.


Ever wanted to command your out-of-control son or daughter that’s reached their teenage years? Now you can by sending them painful, pulsating sounds or random math equations!

The Brostache

Can’t grow a beard? Now you don’t have to! Impress the ladies by opening up this app and holding it in front of your face.

Fake-An-Excuse: Hang Up Now!

Why suffer through a boring three hour conversation with your mom? Create a wide variety of sounds while talking to them so you can excuse yourself from all the yapping.

Pimple Popper

Whether you miss the good old days of looking at mirror to pop those zits or you need practice, this app creates the real time effect of pushing out that nastiness