20 Weird And Unusual Restaurants From Around The World

Dinner in the Sky

Ever wanted to eat in the sky? This restaurant is in Belgium and you get to go clear up in the sky to eat your dinner. This place is definitely not recommended if you are afraid of heights since it goes 150 feet above ground. You are sitting at a table and strapped inside a crane that lifts you up into the sky. Then you are served ham salad and sautéed prawns that are cooked inside a smaller than normal oven in the middle of the whole thing. Wow! Could your stomach handle this?

Underwater Restaurant

This underwater restaurant is in Maldives and you get to eat almost 17 feet below sea level. The restaurant seats 14 people and they get a 270 degree panoramic view of the sea while they eat their meal. This is pretty cool!

Toilet Restaurant

This restaurant tops the cake with everything on the list already! It is located in Taiwan and not only do you get to sit on toilets for seats but you eat from toilets too.

Cannibalistic Restaurant

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to eat a body? Well, now you can eat sushi and sashimi from a woman’s body that is also made from food at this cannibalistic restaurant in Japan. Once you cut the body to start eating, red stuff comes out, as if the body is bleeding. It is also served on a table that looks like a hospital gurney.