20 Useful Tips For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Stephen Hawking recently stated that our planet is in a serious state of crisis and that even the next 60 years have become highly difficult to predict. We could be facing a number of catastrophic events in the not-so-distant future and it has become difficult to narrow down what we are up against. A Zombie apocalypse is one scenario that has been constantly played out in pop culture and we have learnt a lot from it. Here is a useful summary of the information available on the topic of taking on a zombie apocalypse, just in case the unthinkable happens.

Beware Of Other Humans

Zombies are predictable beings after a certain period of time. Sure, they are dangerous, but with the right preparation you will be able to take them at some point. Human beings, however, are far less predictable. They can be surprisingly cunning when they have their backs up against a wall. Approach with caution at all times.

Build Allies

With the first point carefully implanted in your mind, it is important to slowly work towards building a small team of individuals that will help your cause of survival. Nothing can be achieved alone, and that sentiment doubles during an apocalypse. You will need people to stand guard while you sleep, at the very least, so finding a team is a must.

Beware Of Your Team

The team building process never stops. Even after you think you have settled on a team, there are bound to be differences that will surface in different ways. You need to constantly stay on guard and protect the interests of the group.

Creating A Base

It is absolutely vital to establish a strong base before you can plan any further. A base guarantees survival which is important to carry out any plan. This includes finding a spot that is least infected while staying closest to multiple resources. Scouting for a base is a long ordeal but it will be worth it in the long run.