20 Unearthed Photos Shine New Light On Our Past

Ambrose Burnside

It’s not hard to see why this Civil War General gained fame in history. A huge fan of his facial hair, Ambrose Burnside was responsible for coining the term “sideburn”.

Hitler In Disguise

Despite having killed himself at the end of WWII, many believed that Hitler faked his death and retreated into hiding. These images reveal what officials believe the Nazi ruler could have looked like were he to have tried to exist in disguise.

Assassination Of Asanuma

Rarely do we see someone in the final moments of life. This image of Japanese Socialist Asanuma is, therefore, incredibly unsettling, depicting the politician moments before he was murdered by 17 year old Yamaguchi.

Rejected Mannequins

Madame Tussaud’s has a long and winding history and over the years, has suffered a fire or two. Images of mannequins destroyed after a fire were recently discovered and we have to admit, they’re pretty creepy.