20 Unbelievable European Superstitions That Would Baffle You

Killing A Robin Brings Bad Luck – Ireland

For most people, robins are a festive sign of winter and Christmas and are a welcome sight in the garden. If you’re in Ireland, however, things are a little different. The red birds are a symbol of intense superstition for the locals and if by any chance you kill one of them, bad things are headed your way.

Seeing Magpies Is Unlucky – UK

Magpies are renowned for their love of all things shiny but in the UK they’ve got an entirely different reputation. Seeing a single magpie is said to bring sorrow on the person who spots it but if you see two, count yourself lucky; the saying goes “one for sorrow, two for joy”, so if you see a Brit hunting desperately for a second magpie, just leave them to it.

Whistling Towards The Sun Spells Bad Luck – Norway

For many people, whistling is a sign of happiness and positivity, but in Norway, it has a whole other set of meanings. Whistling in the direction of the sun is said to tempt fate and lead to rain later in the day, something that Norwegians try to avoid at all costs.

Mites Are Lucky – Sweden

Getting into the smallest and most unreachable places in our homes, mites are an undeniable nuisance, and will cause more trouble than they’re worth. In Sweden, however, the tiny insects are a welcome sight and it is said that if you come across a lone mite, good things will come your way.