20 Things We Have Learnt From Superhero Films

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There has been a surge of superhero films in the past five years and it looks like the genre is here to stay. With nearly 20 superhero films due in the next 5 years from DC and Marvel Studios, it looks like we better get comfortable seeing high-budget superhero summer blockbusters, whether we like it or not. On the upside though, there is a lot that can be learnt from these superhero films. Here is a list of 20 things we have picked up so far.

Superhero’s Can Be Very Human

Considering the fact that most superhero’s were human before they gained any abilities, it is interesting to note that their human side barely goes away, even when they are infused with god-like powers. They fall in love, they fail, they have insecurities and they love their share of attention, just like most human beings.

Superhero’s Make Lots Of Mistakes

If you have watched the latest ‘Avengers’ film, then you will know that the entire movie revolved around the avengers solving a problem created by Iron Man himself. It is easy to make mistakes when you have the powers and capabilities of superheroes. The only real question is whether you can solve the problem you created or will it destroy everyone around you?

With Great Powers Comes Annoying Responsibilities

As soon as the world is aware of a superhero in their vicinity, suddenly everyone becomes completely helpless, hoping to be saved by said superhero. Every cat stuck in a tree and every damsel in distress is the superhero’s problem now, even though the world could manage fairly well on their own until the unveiling of the superhero.

Superhero’s Can Be Bad News

The problem with the creation of a superhero is that most of the time it is followed by the creation of a supervillain, leading to an epic encounter in the third act. If you think seeing the rise of a superhero is good news, wait till your city is destroyed by a villain looking for the superhero.

Superhero’s Can Never Protect Their Indentities

Even though most superhero’s are aware of the fact that revealing their identities could lead to the endangerment of those near and dear to them, they never manage to keep their identity a secret for too long.

Working In A Team Is Hard Work

The ‘Justice League’ film is on its way and ‘The Avengers’ have already had two stints on the big screen. We are even expecting the arrival of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ on the small screen very soon. Most of these superhero teams however, have very poor coordination skills and are initially terrible as a team. You would think that being superhuman would improve their team work skills as well, but apparently that is not how it works. We must see our hero’s fail as team before they can look glorious succeeding together.

Battles Can Be Very Chatty

The average run-time of a battle in a superhero movie would be much shorter if they protagonist and antagonist didn’t spend so much time chatting with each other, discussing the moral high ground of the situation. The results in most battles would have also been different considering how many villains are defeated while they are at the end of a very unnecessary monologue.

Most Costumes Are Useless

Even though most superhero costumes are very well designed and extremely well thought out, they are predominantly useless, serving nothing more than an aesthetic purpose which is usually unnecessary. Except for Batman and Iron Man who rely on their suit for their powers, most hero’s shouldn’t be in a costume at all. Imagine how much more difficult it would be to narrow down on your secret identity if you didn’t have a dress code!

Superhero Have Bad Timing When It Comes To Love

Even though their brain and body is working overtime and at maximum efficiency, superhero’s can’t seem to figure out love and are generally pretty bad at making a move on the one they fancy. If you consider the number of people who have been killed due to their association with superhero’s, it is a wonder that people still risk falling in love with them.

Superhero’s Don’t Die

Sometimes a movie will try to convince you that the superhero, who has three more movies lined up in the franchise, dies in the part you are currently watching. Don’t fall for this, superhero’s do not die! They will be saved very soon or they will be brought back to life to make more money for the studios in future films.

Villains Always Escalate In A Franchise

Superhero films are very neatly structured these days as they are a part of a larger universe. This means that every baddie we see during a superhero series is going to get stronger and more villainous as the movies progress. You might as well skip the first film of a franchise as the third film is going to be bigger and better anyways.

Superheros Have Super-Humor Capabilities

Most superheroes seem to possess a natural flair for humor which makes watching these films a lot better. Snappy one-liners have become a part of these movies and you feel like being funny is just another part of being a superhero.

Superheroes Have To Be Hated Before They Can Be Loved

For some reason, every superhero goes through a phase where they are being thrashed by the general public. One mistake by these heroes, and the public turns on them faster than two-week yogurt. Being hated is a process every hero must go through before they can be appreciated and loved by the public.

Superheroes Must Overcome Self-Loathing

Most heroes go through a phase of self-doubt where they battle a lot of personal demons in order to become their eventual superhero self. Overcoming a dark side or personal fears is an important step in realizing your true potential.

Cities Always Fix Themselves In Time For The Next Film

In ‘Man of Steel’, we witness large-scale destruction like never before. A superhero battle can be more dangerous than any natural calamity. Despite these massive losses to public lives and property, we see most cities are fixed and ready in time for the next epic battle. Insurance companies must be facing terrible losses in these cities.

Superheroes Have A Super Weakness

There is a point in most superhero films where the protagonist seems almost invincible, until the villain exploits his biggest weakness. This weakness is so strong, that it can negate almost all the previous powers the superhero so boldly showed off. Overcoming the ultimate weakness is possible, it will just take a lot of screen time, that’s all.

Even A Superhero Needs A Friend

It can be a lonely world, even if you are a popular and beloved superhero. This is why it is important to rely on someone to always be there for you. This isn’t the love interest’s job, but a best friend/butler/A.I’s job. This confidant usually ends up being one more facet the supervillain exploits for the sake of his own agenda.

Superheros Need To Go Away In Order To Return Stronger

Superheroes don’t take vacations, but instead, go away on self-exploratory journey’s in search of meaning. They usually leave because a great crisis is upon the world. During their departure, the world takes a terrible beating, but there is no need to worry, because the superhero will return just in time to save the day.

Money Can Be A Superpower

If you haven’t had the privilege of being bit by a radioactive spider, then the only way you can become a superhero is by having lots and lots of money. Will power helps, but it is mostly about the money.

Every Villain Makes You Stronger As Well

There is a lot to be learnt from supervillains as well, and most heroes are aware of that. Taking the best out of every horrible situation and using it to your advantage for the next round is a large part of being a successful superhero.