10 Things You Wouldn’t Believe Are On Google Maps

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Google Maps has revolutionized the way we travel around the world, the way we get from point A to point B and the way we see the world. Google Maps, along with Google Earth, give us the opportunity to travel around the world, to see new and exciting places, all without leaving the comforts of our own bed, couch or office chair. Being able to see landmarks from a floating piece of technology on the edge of our planet is amazing, but and here are ten things that you won’t believe are on Google Maps!

The Bat Symbol In Japan

We thought Batman’s signal was meant to be in the sky?

A Guitar Shaped Forest In Argentina

This must have taken some time to plan and create, but thanks to modern technology, we can finally see it!

Colonel Sanders In Nevada

Does a massive bucket of chicken come with this?

Ayers Rock (The Biggest Rock On Earth)

That’s one big rock… in the middle of nowhere..

Car Laying On Its Side In Germany

How does that even happen…

A Wedding Proposal

Who’s his girlfriend? A satellite?

Firefox Logo In Oregon

Is this part of a marketing scheme? If so who’s the audience? Aliens?

An Insanely Red Lake In Iraq

Does anyone know what the deal with the random red water is?

An Ancient Fish Trap Off The Coast Of Wales

Finally detecting this after so many years is amazing!

A Huge Thumbprint In Great Britain

This can’t be real… can it?