20 Things That Only 90’s Kids Will Understand

Coughing To Hide The Sound Of Your Watch Beeping

No one really knew why digital watches used to go off every hour and unless you were some sort of computer whizz, there was no way turn it off. Each lesson came with bouts of loud coughing to cover up the sound of your watch and avoid an inevitable detention.

Copying Your Homework From Encarta

Encarta was the holy grail of all computer programs and if there was any sort of history homework, it was practically guaranteed that everyone’s work would be exactly the same. The day they stopped making Encarta was very dark for all 90’s kids.

Finding Hidden Toys In Cereal Boxes

When you didn’t know that a cereal box came with a hidden toy, there was nothing to rival the sweet joy of finding one in your bowl. You begged your parents to buy you the sweetest, most sugary cereal, just to get the free toy.

Having To Rewind Videos From A Rental Store

In the 90’s, the rule was, once you finished watching a rented video, you rewound it back to the beginning. Getting home and discovering you had an unwound tape was like discovering you were getting kicked out of school; painful and heart breaking.