20 Terrifying Premonitions That Shouldn’t Have Been Overlooked

The Lead Up To WWI

WWI is often remembered as the war that never needed to happen and if people had taken Carl Jung’s studies more seriously, perhaps it wouldn’t have. The celebrated psychologist had a number of dreams before the war which foretold later events, depicting the death and destruction which overcame Europe.

The Tarot Reading Of Joe Meek

Joe Meek was a talented music producer who found fame alongside the like of Buddy Holly. Known for his fascination for the occult, Meek would indulge in regular tarot readings and events. On one particular reading, Meek was told that Buddy Holly would die on February 3, 1958, a fact that he could not shake. Despite Meek warning Holly of his fears, they went unnoticed, and when Holly died on February 3 1957 – a year earlier than he claimed – Meek became shell-shocked.

The Littleton School Shooting

When, in 2010, a gunman entered the Littleton School in Colorado, it looked like a huge tragedy was set to happen. Miraculously, though, nobody was killed in the shooting. After the event happened, however, 14 year old Matthew Thieu claimed to have had visions of the shooting a number of months before, seeing himself get shot and wounded.

The Explosion On The Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip is notorious for its bombings and tragedies. In 2009, the area was subject to yet more open gunfire and destruction, created by invading Israeli forces. On the morning of the shooting, six year old Baraa’ Abd al Rahman Badawi awoke his mother with screams that his father was dead. An hour later, the family received news that his father had indeed been killed in the events, something which the young boy seemed to know without being told.